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The technology is changing the way we all interact. The companies are walking away from the traditional marketing and communication methods in favor of the more flexible and efficient digital ones.

We have 8 years of experience with digital projects.


Digital communication strategy

Communicating without a strategy is like hunting mosquitoes in the dark.

Companies need specialized consultancy for developing a correct and coherent digital strategy. The strategy identifies the most efficient communication channels, sets measurable objectives and follows the implementation of the entire process. Over 8 years of experience with digital communication projects are our CV.

Working with our client, we build a correct digital communication strategy.


Corporate communication and social media

Companies need efficient internal and external communication platforms.

We develop for our clients corporate communication platforms, interactive presentations, content management systems, web portals, custom applications, applications for social networks and social marketing platforms. To keep it flexible, we prefer to build custom technical solutions integrated with the client's existing applications.

We build the necessary machanisms to efficiently communicate in the digital environment.


Interactive digital campaigns

The classic TV, radio, print and outdoor campaigns are expensive and are easily lost within the background noise.

The experience offered by interactive campaigns is much more personal for the user and creates a strong link between the brand and its audience. We build multimedia, social, viral, web and mobile experiences that generate engagement with the brand, create communities and bring measurable results to the client.

We build result-oriented digital campaigns.


Support applications

Custom applications enhance the efficiency of a company's internal and external processes.

Companies need custom applications to help them automate their business processes, to offer control and relevant information in real-time. Consumers need social, local and mobile applications that facilitate and streamline their interaction with the brand.

We build web, tablet and smartphone applications that help companies as well as consumers.



The brand is the perception of a person about a certain service or product. The value of the brand is built over time, with the brand being often as important as the business that lays behind it.

We build and develop valuable brands.



In life and in business you don't have a second chance to make a first impression.

To gain a competitive advantage, services and products need to differentiate in the competing market. The brand communicates the values of the company, the product or the service to the consumers, employees and stakeholders. A properly built brand is correctly positioned, clearly defined and efficiently communicated.

We build strong brands and design visual identities and corporate branding materials.


Design for marketing

All public communication of a brand aims to consolidate its identity.

The brand communication must be unitary throughout all the marketing materials that support the activity of a company. The support materials are declinations of the brand and take various forms in different contexts. We offer our clients support for developing new lines of products, packaging, merchandising and the design of ATL/BTL campaigns.

We build brand identities, product packaging and marketing materials.



We were lucky to be involved in over 400 branding and digital communication projects. We seek projects where we can develop creative concepts and leverage innovative technologies. We really appreciate clients who dare to dream with us.

Some of our projects.

Pegasso Motors

Pegasso is a scooter and moto accessories brand developed for the European market. We built the company identity for a young public seeking mobility at a correct price.

Naming, branding, packaging, marketing materials, website

Piața Pipera

Piața Pipera is a new food market located in one of the best areas of Bucharest. The market offers a common identity to small producers and supports the high quality of the products.

Branding, packaging, marketing materials, outdoor

Yellow Store

Yellow Store is the Romanian exclusive Nikon stores network. The brand supports the photo equipment and photo accesories portfolio and identifies the community of users.

Branding, marketing materials, campanii interactive, online store

Total Options Invest

Total Options Invest is a business introducer for the financiat investment market. The brand identity promotes a serious, professional and friendly activity.

Branding, corporate identity, website

Kiss FM

Kiss FM is the largest radio station in Romania. We built the digital platforms that connect the radio, its stars and its listeners, offer multimedia content, interactivity and social connections.

Strategy, corporate communication, interactive campaigns, support applications

Kiss 4 Love

Within the Kiss 4 Love campaign, users were able to send each other serenades belt out by animated stars. The campaign offered multimedia interactivity and pleasant surprises to the users.

Strategy, interactive campaign


In the Superstar campaign, the radio listener became a real star, while the stars became his or her staff. The generated interactive movies went viral on Facebook, offering pleasant minutes of fun with the brand.

Strategy, interactive campaign, social media

Top Secret

Top Secret transformed the radio listeners in secret agents for the stars of the Romanian music. An interactive movie provided the viralization, while music quizzes brought engagement and awareness for the brand.

Strategy, interactive campaign, social media

Magic FM

Magic FM is the largest soft-music radio station in Romania. We built its digital communication platform as well as the support for the interactive campaigns launched along the way.

Strategy, corporate communication, interactive campaigns, support applications

Rebel With a Cause

Rebel With a Cause offered to the Rock FM listeners the possibility to support online a certain cause, with the winning cause to be promoted afterwards by Rock FM in a public campaign.

Strategy, corporate communication

The Wall

The Wall campaign aimed to promote the Roger Waters concert in Bucharest by offering some information about the artist and a "wall" where fans can take down the metaphorical wall with their messages.

Strategy, interactive campaigns

Yellow Store

The Yellow Store e-commerce platform was built as a shopping guide for the photo enthusiast. It offers both a classical product filtering and a more human approach to product selection.

Strategy, corporate communication, support applications


We created the agency in 2006 out of our common passion for digital interactive design. We built a strong team of competent and talented people, working over 50.000 hours for more than 100 clients in different industries.

We give the best in every project.

Bogdan Popescu

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Technology Director
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Răzvan Popescu

Creative Director
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